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Publish the Map Created by GMap Editor V2

Share the map online

After creating a Custom Google Map in the GMap Editor V2, you can click the Publish button on the horizontal toolbar, and share the map online by sharing the map link via email / Facebook / Twitter, pasting the embedded code to the HTML page, sharing the QR Code

Map Publishing link
Map Published Link

Map Publish by Embedded Code
Map Embedded Code

Map Publish by QR Code
Map QR Code

Interface of Published Map

Online Map of Popular Tourist Attractions

After publishing the map, the published custom Google Map with the following interface will be opened by loading the map link:

Items Descriptions
1. Map Title Title of the map project
2. Share button Share the map to Google+
3. Pan Control Enable to pan the map in different directions
4. Street View Control Enable Google Street View
5. Zoom Control Enable zoom in / out by using the scroll bar
6. Search box Search location by entering address / zip code / latitude & longitude
After entering any search keyword that matched the objects that have been added on the map, a list of possible objects will be displayed.
If not, it will display "Do you want to find a place ..." and user can click on to search the locations that based on Google Map's data.
7. Map View Select map view in Map with / without terrain or satellite with / without labels
8.Others Print: Print the custom Google Map;
Original Screen: View the map in the designated published map size;
Full Screen: View the map in full screen;
Close Toolbar: Hide the toolbar in the published map ;

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