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Map Hosting Plans





Map Hosting Capacity:
3 Map Projects
20 Map Projects
100 Map Projects
  • Disk Storage (for maps, objects, icons)
15 MB 100 MB 500 MB
  • Data Transfer (displaying maps on websites / links)
1 GB 5 GB 15 GB 50 GB
Maximum Map Views #2
2,000 / Month
10,000 / Month
30,000 / Month
100,000 total
Number of Markers & Overlays* per Map Project
* overlays include label, route, polyline, rectangle etc ...
up to 50
up to 500
up to 2000
Create custom Google Maps
Create, Edit and Publish custom Google Maps without programming knowledge
Access to All iMapBuilder Map Templates
Create Interactive Flash Maps using template or custom image (png, jpg, gif)

(iMap Basic Plan)

(iMap Plus Plan)

(iMap Unlimited Plan)
  • Unbranded Maps
    Remove demo button & ads
  • Update Maps Anywhere Using Browser
    Open and Save map projects
  • Markers & Info Box
    Pinpoint locations & add text / links
  • Mouse Over Effects
    Rollover marker tooltips / info box
[ Plus many more features .... See All ]
  • Set Map Attributes
    Set map embed size, starting location and zoom level
  • Zooming and Scrolling
    Free zooming from global view to detail street view / scroll to anywhere on Earth
  • Easily Embed or Send Maps
    Copy & Paste code for embedding map to HTML page, or send as link
  • map viewer app for android mobileView Maps on Mobile
    Free iMapViewer App for Android
  • Set Map Styles
    Street map / Satellite / Hybrid / Terrain
License Types cost per month, paid annually Once Off - No Time Limit
Single User
1 user, 1 domain
Site License
2 - 5 users, upto 10 domains
Corporate License
6 - 10 users, upto 20 domains
    Note: Choose these plans
if you wish to create both Flash and Google Maps

System Requirement:
Compatible with latest version of all major standard Web Browsers
Recommended Browsers: Chrome 9+ / Firefox 3+ / Internet Explorer 8+

# Remarks:
1. Although we do not impose a limit to the maximum number of map projects, we reserve the rights to temporarily suspend any account which is using excessive amounts of resources which presents the risk of degradation of service to other customers.
2. Additional map views can be purchased at $25.00 per 10,000 views, purchase Additional Map View Quota here (for GMaps).
3. Although we do not impose a limit to the maximum number of objects, the actual number of objects that can be created is depending on your computer's computation / graphic processing power. iMapBuilder data mining maps provide solutions for data intensive maps and live data maps. Please contact us for details or a request a free trial.

If you are looking for iMapBuilder for Windows instead, please find registration details here


  • Not sure which plan to use?
    You can always start with a smaller plan, and upgrade later base on your usage.

    All maps you created can always be opened and edited, even if your account has exceed its account limit. We will always contact you first if your account shows consistent over usage.

  • What happens after a plan expires?
    You can either renewal your account, or your account will be reverted back to the FREE mode.

    You can still open and edit all your existing map projects, and display maps on your website. Except you will then bound to the same publish limit as free account, and will see iMapBuilder's watermark on your published maps.

  • What is a "Map View"
    One "Map View" is counted when a visitor access a web page containing the map HTML embed code or access the direct link of the map.

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