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GMap Editor (v1) user guide

Thank you for using GMap Editor V1 - Online map maker. We hope this help manual will be of good use to you. Go through the help and familiarize with this application so that you can use the GMap Editor to its optimum performance.

What it does ?

The GMap Editor enables you to create interactive maps base on Google map without any coding knowledge. You can build up maps of any countries, counties, regions, or street.

Overall features and benefits

  • Create your own custom google map with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Maps created using GMap Editor can be viewed on Smartphone such as Android / iPhone.
  • Easily embed the map into your existing HTML page/ layout, you can also use Frontpage, Dreamweaver or any HTML editor to insert the map manually.
  • Create maps of anywhere in the world as long as Google Map supports.
  • Add interactive elements on Google Map such as pinpoint markers, pop up info box with text and image, routes
  • Allow bulk input (simply insert address to place markers).

Target audience

Web Designers, webmasters or anyone wanting to create interactive maps.

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