Create an Interactive Image Map Online

Creation of clickable image maps that support cross-platforms is now available. You can insert your own image of various formats and add overlays on the map. Here is a sample made using iMapBuilder Online.

Map Features

  • Pinpointed numbers of markers.
  • Markers' icon can be changed.
  • Click on the markers to display content in infobox.
  • Enable pan and zoom controls if necessary.

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How to create an interactive image map online

Video Tutorials for Creating Maps Online

video tutorial for creating maps online Creates interactive map and custom image map online without programming. Watch our video tutorials below:

How to create an interactive map by using GMap Editor
How to add markers in the Google Map Editor

Try it free to create maps online.

HTML5 Maps With Cross Device Capability

iMapBuilder HTML5 mapping software creates interactive map that supports desktops, tablets and mobile (e.g. iPhone and Android devices). Various overlays can be added into the map without coding knowledge.

Download the trial to create your own map.