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GMap Editor v1 User Guide > Visualization > Category Legend

Enable Category Legend as map filter

sample map with category legend
Map sample with category legend / filtered layers - Custom Google Map

You can add Category legends to categorize your markers / lines / paths / Labels/ used on the map and help users to understand the distribution of individual category of your markers / Lines / Paths / Labels/ .

Category Legend

Select Category Legend button on the top menu.

Category Legend Panel

Enable Function:

Check "Enable Category Legend" to create category legend.

Uncheck to remove it.


You can select the position of category legend.

Add Category:

You can enter name and add new category

Manage Category:

Check category that means the objects in this category will be displayed in the map at the beginning

To change category name, rename the category name and update it

To remove category by click the cross beside category

Manage Object:

Select items of your Markers / Lines / Labels / Paths/. Filtering them by different category ID. You can assign them to different Category ID or unassign it (unassign the category ID means the mark will always visible in the map).

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