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GMap Editor v1 User Guide > Overlay > Draw Line

Draw Lines on Google Map

You can add lines or continuous lines to show the routes on the map. The mouse will become a plus shape "+" for you to click to start and right click to end the line.

Poly Line

routes sample
Route Sample using polyline tool

You can make change of this polyline after drawing it.

  1. Draw lines. (Click to start and right click to end the line)

  2. Click Selection Tool . Point the line. Then a dialogue (line settings) will pop up.

    Line Settings


You can assign polylines to different Category ID or unassign it (unassign the category ID means the mark will always visible in the map).

Stroke Weight The stroke width can be change to be thinner or thicker.
Stroke Opacity Change the opacity to prevent other word/image from being covered.
Stroke Color Change colors from a color picker with pantone no.
Geodesic Mode Shows the shortest path between two points in a curved space.
1. Draw a straight line from point to point.
2. click selection tool and check the Geodesic Mode.
3. Then the line will become a curve which is a shortest route in the earth. Sample as bellow:
geodesic sample

Delete Polyline Delete the whole line.

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