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  1. Can I highlight countries with different colors as I want?

    You can add geographic area and color it to produce a regional map.
  2. How to add text formatting and link to mouseover descriptions?

    Here are some HTML examples:
    • Setting font size:
      <font size="20">Text</font>
    • Creating hyperlinks:
      <a href="">anchor text</a>
  3. Is Kuwait map, with it's governorates and neighborhoods available?

    Yes , there are overlays for governorates and you can refer to the sample. A customized project is needed for neighborhoods of Kuwait. Please contact us with your shapefiles for the details.
  4. How to create clickable regions for different tourism regions?

    iMapBuilder Online supports creating a map with clickable regions. You can edit rollover text, colors and insert links to the editable regions.
  5. Can I make each country on the map as a clickable area, and with a speech bubble of information pop-up on each region?

    You can create Regional Geographic Polygons with pop-up box.
  6. How to change the color scheme?

    1. Click the Map Settings icon in the horizontal toolbar
    2. Select the Styled Map tab in the popup panel
    3. Change the color settings
    4. Save and see preview the changes
    You can add legend in the map and change the color of the legend icons. For the details, please refer to here.
  7. Can visitors search location in the custom Google Map?

    Yes, in the published map, there is a search box at top left, and users can search locations by entering addresses / zip codes.
  8. How to setup a map allowing users to pin and share locations?

    You need a map with crowdsourced capability which allows visitors to add or share locations.
    A crowdsourcing map example can be find here.
  9. I want to draw continuous lines to show routes, is it possible?

    You may select the pencil tool on left side, click to start drawing, right click to end the line.

    How to add Polyline to a custom Google map

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