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  1. Would I be able to import an excel file, addresses and longitude / latitude to the map?

    Yes, bulk import of addresses is supported.
    Please click bulk import button on left side. Then click Switch to Bulk Add Mode. You can copy and paste the addresses from the Excel file to the text area. Please make sure that one single line shows one address only.
  2. Is it possible to create an editable map with zip codes?

    Yes, you can import locations with zip codes.
  3. Can I import locations and group them into different categories?

    You can import locations that has already been assigned to different categories from data files (e.g. Excel files / CSV files).
  4. How to plot a route using data imported from Excel?

    Your Excel file should include two data columns to show the original and destination coordinates. Here is a sample format:
    Origination Destination
    51.604372, -0.230713 52.321911, -0.167542
    Then you can follow the instructions here to import your route.
  5. How to import content of "My Place" from Google Maps?

    You can save your "My Place" content as a KML file, and import the file into the Google Map Maker. Please note that the KML file is read-only, so make sure that all your edits have done before exporting. Please find details here.

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