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  1. How can I change the size of printed map?

    Since the created Google Maps is a part of a web page, you may need to adjust your browser printing settings to fit it in a large page. This depends on which browser you are using and you may consult the help section of your browser.
  2. How to avoid having a scroll bar on the right side of the map?

    There will be a scroll bar if the size of the map is larger than the embed area. You can avoid it by reducing the size of the map to the same or slightly smaller to the area of your page.
  3. How to save the map as image file?

    You can use screen capture function of your computer to save the map into a Jpeg file.

    For Window PC, simply press "Print Screen" to capture the screen, and then paste it into any image editor to save it as jpeg.

    The shortcut of screen capture of Mac is:
    "Command+Shift+4" and drag to select the area you want to capture. The image will then be captured directly in the desktop.
    "Command+Shift+3" can capture the whole screen.
  4. How to print specific areas in a custom Google Map to PDF or JPG in high quality?

    You can print it by following the steps here:
    1. Scroll to specific zoom level and pan to specific areas
    2. Click the Map Settings icon in the horizontal toolbar > select the Publish Settings tab
    3. Edit the dimension to 100% x 100%
    4. Save the map
    5. Click the Publish icon in the horizontal toolbar
    6. Open the published map link in a new browser tab / window, and print from that page
  5. How to integrate the map with Microsoft Word or PowerPoint?

    We recommend publishing the map separately as a web page, and uses hyperlinks to open the link from the PowerPoint slide or Word document. There are third party add-ins for PowerPoint if you want to embed the whole work into a slide. You may refer to here for details.
  6. Can I duplicate the map to produce a smaller version for mobile?

    You can change the resolution by:
    1. Open the original map
    2. Edit the Embed Dimension in Publish Settings
    3. Click "Save As" button in the horizontal toolbar
    4. Enter a new title for the project and click "OK"
  7. Can I print the map?

    For printing the created map, you can refer to Google's permission tool to see if you need any formal permission or license fee from Google regarding self-publishing.
  8. Why the embed code is always the same even I have updated the project?

    The embed code of each project is the always same. It will automatically load the latest version of your map from our server for displaying.
  9. Can created maps be viewed on mobile?

    You can view them on your mobile devices such as Android, iPhone and iPad. Please feel free to try it.

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