Features & Attributes for Regions:

  • Clickable regions to open a web page with specified URL.
  • Click / rollover to show information window.
  • Customize region fill color / opacity / stroke weight.
  • HTML / CSS inline style support for info window's content.
  • Heat map generation.

Apply overlay polygons for geographical areas and boundaries

  • iMapBuilder Online - Custom Google Map Editor let you easily add region overlay as layers on selected geographic areas.
  • Currently available geographical areas include:
    - World countries,
    - Continents (Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America)
    - Countries (United States, South Africa),
    - U.S. counties and
    - others e.g. (Caribbean, Latin America, Pacific Ocean)
  • You can enable the regional overlays by referring to this user guide:
    How to add regional overlays (geographical polygons) on Google Maps.
  • More geographic area polygons will be supported soon. Contact us for any specific overlay request.

A Map Sample created using Geographic Area Polygon Overlay Feature: Colored United States Map

List of available geographic area polygon overlay:

world countries asia australia europe

World Countries




north america latin america northern africa sub saharan africa

North America

Latin America

Northern Africa

Sub Saharan Africa

caribbean pacific united states south africa


Pacific Ocean

United States & U.S. counties

South Africa